My favorite Classic Comics DAN DARE Pilot of the Future 1950 〜 1967 ( Frank Hampson )

MEKONTA:  Their capital city is called Mekonta and is on islands in a lake.
The Atlantines are usually ignored by the Treens, and live in primitive conditions.
Mekonta is the capital city of the Treens in the Dan Dare stories.
It is named after 'The Mekon'.
It is built on many islands in a lake.
It was ruined in the war in Dan Dare: The First Story, and New Mekonta was built nearby. Afterwards for a long time Old Mekonta remained uncleared ruins.
The Magnets of Mekonta are huge electromagnets on mountaintops around Mekonta
They are used to raise and lower spaceships in and out of Mekonta.

  EAGLE ANNUAL (ハードカバー)



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